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Best value sunbeds & spray tans near you in The Sizzle Tanning Studio Blue Ridge, Georgia. The latest in stand-up tanning, lay-down tanning beds and spray tan booths in the North Georgia Mountains.

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We are all about responsible tanning, which is why our tanning experts offer a FREE Consultation! We will recommend a personalized plan to suit your skin type and tanning needs, from choosing a sunbed to finding the right tanning lotion for your glow goals.

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Whether you are looking for a tan accelerator, tan intensifier or tan extender we will have something to suit your needs, moisturize your skin and enhance your tanning results.

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Industry Leading Tanning Experts

Our team of industry-leading tanning experts stands at the forefront of the sun-kissed revolution, bringing unparalleled knowledge, skill, and innovation to the world of tanning. With years of collective experience and a passion for radiance, our experts are dedicated to not only meeting but exceeding your tanning aspirations. Contact us to learn more!

The Latest Sunbed Technology

The realm of tanning is constantly evolving, and our commitment to offering you the best in tanning experiences is exemplified through our utilization of the latest sunbed technology. Our dedication to staying at the forefront of innovation means that you can indulge in tanning sessions that are not only effective but also optimized for your safety and comfort. Click here to learn more!

Tanning Tailored To You and Your Skin

It's not just about achieving a tan – it's about embarking on a journey of self-care and self-expression. Our commitment to customization ensures that your tanning experience isn't just about the destination; it's about the personalized path we pave together, leading you to a radiant and confident version of yourself. Contact Us to learn more!

Open 7 days a week

Indulge in the ultimate convenience with our exceptional tanning salon, open and ready to serve you seven days a week. We understand that life is dynamic, and your schedule might not adhere to traditional timings. That's why we've crafted an experience that revolves around your flexibility and needs, ensuring that you have access to our top-notch tanning services whenever it suits you best. Learn more about Our Packages!

10+ years of Professional Tanning

Throughout our journey, we've maintained an unwavering commitment to client safety, well-being, and satisfaction. Our years of experience have allowed us to perfect the balance between achieving remarkable tanning results and prioritizing skin health. With our accumulated knowledge, we create a secure and controlled tanning environment, minimizing risks and ensuring that every session contributes to both your beauty and your overall wellness. Contact Us to learn more!